Feb 10, 2016 · Possibilities and Challenges for the Future. By Jay Fortenbery, M.J.A. Some previously legal activities are classified as illegal these days, and a number of today’s crimes could be deemed lawful in coming years. Law enforcement leaders must accept the reality that change is inevitable, and preparing for it is an ingredient for increasing .... "/>

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DEA's Community Outreach Section. DEA’s primary mission and responsibility as a law enforcement agency is to enforce the Nation's federal drug laws.. DEA recognizes that not only reducing the quantity (supply) of drugs is essential to a safe and drug free country, but also reducing the desire (demand) for illicit drugs is a vital component to effectively reduce drug. Community Outreach--The Town launched its community outreach on January 8, 2020 with a press release and a Why Wednesday video from Mayor Gail Barney. ... Determine the required law enforcement resources that will be needed to implement the Town's goals for community oriented policing as the community continues to change, grow and evolve.

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